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..and poetry


Brand new you, Brand new life

They say you can run but you can't outrun yourself and that all you ever get is a fresh start.
For some, a fresh start is all they really need. New environment, new rules. A fresh canvas to
vomit all over again. In this dystopian techno-tumor "a fresh start" usually means a bag full
of enough money to spell fuck you, get four new walls and a used couch to overdose on.

So you sell your boyfriends organs to a crypto farm, shave your head, buy a machine gun
and set off to your new city life.

Stepping out the cab the air still smells of piss and greed, but all the graffiti is different and
they use a softer voice for the propaganda floaters. So you know what?

This could be it. This could be your big break. This could be where you'll finally get to be the
algorithm's next chosen one for your 1-second fame. Forget about buying your hugs in bundles,
having to melt them down and chase them to your mourning brain. Because when the algorithmic
fame hits, you'll not only get genuine hugs from important people, you'll also get your name on
a cheeseburger and the best lab grown hookers the city has to offer.

Take my word for it, from here on it will be nothing but smooth sailing as you penetrate life itself
all day long. Don't worry about ever running low on cash again either. All you really need to do in
order to stay relevant is a fresh incident every now and then. Maybe crash your car in a cool spot,
or why not accidentially flash a family of christmas shopping sub-citizens with your freshly installed
mekano-penis from CorpoWorld!

The future is limitless! You've made it citizen!
Have a bagel, because you know what? You've earned it.


Mental Illness 2027

Due to the high risk of psychotic outbursts it is unlawful for class 6 citizens to be outdoors
past six without proof of medication. Please report any signs of prohibited mental illness to
your local assassination squad.

Each time you file a report, you have the chance to win 500 citizen points and a two-hour
long guided meditation session with any government approved guru of your choice!

Remember: if you find yourself experiencing unusual symptoms or antisocial thought-patterns,
please consult the list of goverment prohibited mental illnesses for your district,
- you may be commiting a crime.

Always consult your local police officer on proper mental health procedures.



A taste, a sting, got legs for days
Those dreams you've heard me say before,
An inward scream that no one hears,
They told me that I was so strong,
but no one listens in the end,
I found a spot I've never seen,
it's almost time to take my leave.



Hear their wishes, wanna match us
See they listen to our clashes
Turn their anger into matches
Burning bridges down to ashes
Steel and plastic through inferno
Eyes look lidless from the terror
Not concerned though, never needed
The ensnarer of the demons