This is Frogolin, who likes to eat snacks.
I hope you take very good care of Frogolin.

Frogolin loves you.

did you know that the internet is inhabited by lots of frogs?
take Mudfrog for instance, who has been around since the 90s.
original creator - unknown.


I'm a Pixie Frog!
The African bullfrog, or Pixie frog as it is often called (because of it's latin name, not because it's as cute as a fairy!), is one of the largest frogs in South Africa. Usually, they hang out in open grassland, and if there are any to be found, they'll sit around in puddles. When startled, these frogs will blow up like balloons to scare away the intruder! In the dry season, they will burrow into the ground. These guys eat lots and lots of really big bugs, fish, mice, lizards, and even other frogs.

What kind of Frog are you?