MOЯDZIИE is a lotek punk antistyle zine navigating the mysterious world of deliriants, hedonism and spirituality
in the age of the algorithm.

While corporations are trying to turn art into content and content into trickster dopamine, MOЯDZIИE does its best
to shine through the darkness as a passion project focusing on cyberpunk, poetry, antistyle art and psychedelic
experience reports. MOЯDZIИE also includes fully illustrated post-cyberpunk stories from a universe I've been
fleeing to and building upon inside my head all my life. This universe is central to the whole reality of MOЯDZIИE.
A vast, ever-expanding world with deep history and countless characters. My own haven, now in physical form.
Before the creation of MOЯDZIИE, all my other artworks, productions and projects would always be influenced
by this world in some way, but it wasn't until i created the zine that I really started to share this world in a more
tangible and contained way.

Corporate greed has no understanding of the artistic process.
I believe in the philosophy that you should only work to live and never the other way around.
I’m the sole artist behind everything contained in the zine. Please credit me properly.

I also like to feed roadside alligators with hamburgers and tatoo myself next to amphibian filled ponds.

questions? wanna talk nonsense? contact me on electronic mail πŸ“§

      i hope you will enjoy the two issues out now!

  • artwork
  • poetry
  • fringe science
  • drugs
  • swamp shit
  • cyberpunk
  • comics
  • experience reports
  • novels
  • amphibians
  • hedonism

total independent zine
100% self made+self print+self publish
don’t pass my art of as your own
don't repost my work on social media please
don’t be a dick , don’t sell or promote anything with it
commercial use not allowed, no corporations

rip frog. wish people showed more respect dude

questions? wanna get a zine? contact me on electronic mail πŸ“§

or contact me HERE!
either way. i love you. respect the frogs.
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